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Desiree Blake ARNP , CNM, WHNP 

Desiree Blake was raised in Bedford, Ohio. She attended and graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2010. Post-graduation she worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at University Hospital from 2010 – 2015. During her time as a L&D nurse she had the pleasure of being introduced to the world of Midwifery. This inspired her to further her education in women’s health. 
In 2015, Desiree graduated again from Case Western Reserve University with a Master’s Degree in Nursing; with a dual certification in Midwifery and Women’s Health. She is Board Certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board and National Certification Corporation. She is in good standing with the Ohio Board of Nursing and has an instate collaborating physician who resides and actively practices in Ohio.

“It has been said that once a person finds their purpose in life, they will find peace. This is true for me. Caring for women brings me a sense of peace and pure joy that is indescribable.
The term midwife translates to “with woman.” Being a midwife allows me to be “with women” during every transition of their womanhood, not just birth. From adolescence to becoming a woman, to becoming a mother and then a grandmother. Being a midwife allows me to aid women in their health care journey during each phase. Prior to having a child of my own I valued the importance of my role as midwife, however after experiencing this transition into motherhood for myself, I have a whole new appreciation for being a midwife. Being a midwife is bigger than treating a gynecology need. It’s bigger than caring for the medical aspects of pregnancy; or attending a birth. Although these are vital pieces, being a midwife grants me the opportunity to make an impact on a woman’s life, that in turn can affect everyone that is attached to her. Women play such an essential role in the household. Women are the nurturers, the primary caregivers (or nurses of their household).  As a health care provider, I find joy in providing holistic care to women that empowers them and allows them to continue to be the best mother, wife, grandmother, caregiver etc. to their families."

Desiree Blake, APRN, CNM, WHNP

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